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Enhancing Recall Campaigns with Conversational Texting: A Game Changer for Healthcare Organizations

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Effective communication strategies are vital for healthcare providers to promote patient care and recommended preventative screening and follow-up appointments. Among these strategies, HIPAA-compliant two-way or conversational texting has emerged as a powerful tool to improve recall campaigns and address gaps in care, such as annual colonoscopies, mammograms and wellness checks. Our clients have leveraged our easy-to-use healthcare SMS technology to significantly improve patient engagement, compliance, and overall health outcomes.

We all know the Importance of preventative care which is why enhancing your Gaps-in-Care Campaign is critical.

Recall campaigns and gaps-in-care campaigns aim to remind patients of necessary screenings and follow-up appointments. These efforts are crucial in preventive healthcare, where early detection and consistent monitoring can lead to better outcomes. For example, annual colonoscopies are essential for early detection of colorectal cancer, a leading cause of cancer-related deaths. And don't get us started on the importance of Mammograms. Healthcare providers who communicate and ensure patients adhere to these schedules can save lives and reduce healthcare costs.

SMS example on phone Example of Dialog Health's automated SMS workflow best healthcare texting software

Why our Two-Way Texting is Effective for Health Systems

Dialog Health's conversational texting software offers a automated and personalized way to engage with patients, providing several benefits over traditional communication methods:


High Engagement Rates: Text messaging has a reach rate well-exceeding 80%, ensuring that reminders and important information reach a broad audience effectively. Our clients see an average reach-rate of 95%.


Real-Time Communication: Unlike emails or phone calls, texts are typically read within minutes, allowing for timely reminders and immediate responses to patient inquiries.


Convenience and Accessibility: Most patients, including older adults, are familiar with texting and find it a convenient way to receive and respond to healthcare information. It delivers critical information that easily accessed at their fingertips, which has proven to improve patient outcomes.


Cost-Effectiveness: Texting is significantly cheaper than traditional mail or phone outreach, saving resources while maintaining high communication standards. Also, our healthcare systems see reduced workload and improved employee satisfaction.


Dialog Health Case Study Collateral - Recall Texting Campaign generates $500,000

Strong ROI: Our recall campaigns have proven to increase patient volume for preventative care and  health care services including diagnostic imaging, breast imaging and other radiology departments. It also improves booked appointments for annual wellness visits. Health systems use our platform to not only promote medical care needed but to increase recall revenue, and reduce staff workload.  A win, win, win.

How to Implement Dialog Health's Two-Way Texting in Recall Campaigns

1. Automating Reminders for Annual Screenings


Health care providers can automate text reminders for annual colonoscopies, mammograms, and other routine screenings. Patients receive timely notifications about their upcoming appointments, reducing the risk of missed or delayed screenings.

SMS example on phone Example of Dialog Health's automated SMS appointment reminder best healthcare texting software

For example:

Initial Reminder: Sent a month before the due date, reminding patients of their upcoming colonoscopy.

Follow-Up Reminders: Sent a week before and a day before the appointment, ensuring the patient is prepared and ready.


2. Interactive Scheduling


Two-way texting allows patients to confirm, reschedule, or cancel appointments directly through text messages. This interactivity ensures that the healthcare provider's schedule remains optimized, and any open slots can be filled promptly. Example messages might include:


"Your colonoscopy is scheduled for [Date]. Reply YES to confirm or NO to reschedule."

"Need to reschedule your appointment? Reply with a preferred date."


SMS example on phone Example of Dialog Health's automated SMS NPO instructions best healthcare texting software

3. Providing Preparatory Instructions


Proper preparation is crucial for procedures like colonoscopies. Two-way texting can send step-by-step instructions, answer patient questions in real-time, and ensure they are ready for their screening. Example:


"Remember to start your prep for the colonoscopy tomorrow. Reply HELP if you have any questions about the preparation process."


SMS example on phone Example of Dialog Health's automated SMS Automated Recall Campaigns best healthcare texting software

4. Addressing Gaps in Care


Patients sometimes fall behind on their recommended preventative care schedules. Conversational texting can help identify and address these gaps by sending personalized reminders and offering easy ways to schedule appointments. For example:


"Our records show you due for your annual colonoscopy. This preventative screening test helps detect pre-cancer or colon cancer. Please reply SCHEDULE to book a new appointment or HELP for assistance."


5. Collecting Patient Feedback - Patient Satisfaction Surveys

SMS example on phone Example of Dialog Health's automated SMS automated survey workflow best healthcare texting software

After appointments, two-way texting with survey questions, links, or keyword responses, can be used to gather feedback on patient experiences, helping to improve future interactions and care quality. Example:


"Thank you for visiting us today. How was your experience? Reply with 1 for Excellent, 2 for Good, 3 for Fair, or 4 for Poor."

Benefits of Dialog Health's communication solutions for Health Systems

1. Improved Patient Compliance and Outcomes


Regular reminders and easy scheduling options enhance patient adherence to recommended screening schedules, reducing the incidence of missed or delayed appointments.


2. Enhanced Patient Satisfaction


The convenience and immediacy of texting improve the patient experience, making it easier for them to stay engaged with their healthcare.


3. Better Resource Utilization and Integration-Friendly


By reducing no-shows and cancellations, two-way texting helps your healthcare facility optimize scheduling and resource allocation, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings. Also, our technology is built for healthcare so it not only integrates but enhances the technology you are already using.


4. Real-Time Data-Driven Insights - Advanced SMS Analytics


Our AnalyticsPro module is industry leading and provides you with real-time, delivery reports, historical SMS, and valuable data on patient interactions, enabling healthcare providers to analyze and improve their recall and gaps-in-care campaigns continuously.

5. Proven Increase in Recall Revenue - Booked Appointments


Our solutions have proven to reduce leakage and increase booked appointments. Build your recall campaigns easily and quickly on our self-service platform to increase appointment volume and enhance preventive care initiatives today. See our case study above and more here.

SMS example on phone Example of Dialog Health's automated SMS workflow best healthcare texting software

Conclusion - Increase Booked Appointments Today


Integrating Dialog Health's leading HIPAA-compliant, conversational two-way texting into recall and gaps-in-care campaigns offers healthcare providers a robust tool for enhancing patient engagement and compliance. By providing timely reminders, facilitating easy communication, and automating routine outreach, this technology ensures that patients receive the necessary screenings and follow-ups, ultimately improving health outcomes and operational efficiency.


For more information on how to implement two-way texting in your recall and gaps-in-care campaigns contact us today!

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