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Real Stories, Real Impact

Our pride stems from the tangible results we consistently deliver to our valued clients. We've successfully slashed no-show rates, boosted compliance levels, lowered readmission rates, and elevated revenue while reducing workload. But don't just take our word for it—explore our testimonials to see the real impact we've had on those we've had the privilege to serve.


For over a decade, we've stood shoulder to shoulder with healthcare and HR leaders, forging deep connections that we cherish. We take immense pride in the technology we've developed and the impactful results we've achieved, all while solving healthcare's biggest pain points.

With Dialog Health, we are engaging with and helping our patients through their whole journey. We have already seen a 225% increase in completed pre-appointment documentation and 99% improvement in Net Promoter Score. We're meeting patients where they are; we're interacting with patients the way they're accustomed to, which is their mobile device; and we're communicating with patients in the method they increasingly prefer. Thanks to texting, we're seeing significant productivity gains by eliminating manual outreach efforts while delivering better service to our patients."

- Tina Mentz, Chief Operating Officer, Ambulatory Management Solutions


Raymond Hino, Chief Executive Officer, Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center

I would highly recommend Dialog Health to any health system that is interested in adopting a platform for quick, timely and specific text messages with both patients and employees.   I think that any organization that ignores this incredible opportunity for real time communications is missing out on a potentially game changing opportunity.”   

Scott McEachern, Chief Information Officer, Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center

I would recommend Dialog Health for several reasons: first, the excellent customer service. From implementation to post-live support, Dialog Health team members go above and beyond expectations.  Second, the ease of use of the platform makes for a shorter learning curve and a higher adoption rate.

Serena Pettes, VP of Marketing/Business Development, Lovelace Health System

"Sending texts to our employees via the Dialog Health platform during COVID-19 has been an easy, quick, and effective way to provide support, encouragement, and guidance during a challenging time."

Jim Fight, Capital Area Transit System 

"We have utilized the Dialog Health platform to communicate, inform and roll-out text messaging involving our employee benefit offerings, employment engagement activities, emergency notifications, changes involving transit scheduling and, most recently, information with respect to COVID-19 procedures. The platform is a definite must for any organization confronting challenges involving messaging and communications."

Konnie Dao, Regional Marketing Director Employer/Community Engagement - AMSURG

"Our staff and physicians love the program. It has significantly reduced the number of clinical hours we previously spent on pre and post-op calls. In addition, we have reduced our no-show rates, as we have advance notice if a patient cancels so we can fill their block time. Their team is very easy to work with, responsive and proactive. We have expanded across all Dallas centers and our opt-out rate is only 2% on average across all five centers, which means patients prefer to be texted.”  

Paige Bublik, Vice President, Account Management, HUB International

“Thanks to Dialog Health's texting platform we are communicating with our employees in the most effective way. We can customize and personalize our text messages...taking our communication to the next level. It’s incredibly valuable to send mass texts to all employees, but also have the capability to send specific, targeted texts to a smaller subset of employees. Using Dialog Health texting solutions in our communication has put us ahead of the game.”

Lindsay Rink, USI

The customization and personalization of Dialog Health’s platform is a game changer. Not only can we send a mass text to all employees, but we can also send a specific, targeted text to a small subset of employees. Clear communication is a competitive advantage, and thanks to texting, we’re communicating with our employees in the easiest and most effective way.”

Joanne M. DeAngelis, CPA, Administrator, Long Island Center for Digestive Health

"Thank you! I am loving using Dialog Health Texting platform for our pandemic communications with our patients. It is making our lives so much easier. If we had to call every patient to cancel and now reschedule we would never get off the phone. The enhancement in our communications was very helpful. I just wanted to say THANKS!"

Alex Scott, Administrator, Hudson Crossing Surgery Center

“Dialog Health has been a terrific addition to our center, allowing us to reach more patients in less time so that our staff can do their jobs more efficiently. Our collectors rave about the feature to text past-due billing reminders to patients as this has sped up collections considerably.”

Brandi Carroll, Pre-op/PACU Clinical Manager, St Thomas Surgery Center

“Dialog Health helped us reduce post-op calls by 92%.  Given we average about 2.5 calls per patient during post-op follow up, the texts sent by Dialog Health saved my staff from having to make more 1000s of calls each month which has substantially impacted our FTE per case. From a PACU workflow standpoint, the productivity gains we have seen using Dialog Health have been significant and my nurses now concentrate on doing what we do for our patients."


Dialog Health |  SMS Health Care, Text App for Business
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