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HCCT24 Recap: Key Insights and Solutions for Healthcare Contact / Call Center's Leaders

Graphic with copy - Key Insights from the Nation's Leading Healthcare Contact Centers - HCCT 2024

It's no surprise that when you fill a room with forward-thinking leaders in the healthcare contact and call center industry, you get a wealth of innovation and insight. Being part of the HCCT24 conference provided an incredible opportunity to gather with our colleagues and discuss the future of patient communication and operational efficiency. Thank you, HCCT.

While we couldn't possibly include all the insights from the many impressive presentations, we have compiled a few key takeaways and successful strategies for enhancing patient communication and engagement, improving staff productivity, and maximizing the contact center's return on investment.

Healthcare communication insights:

There were several recurring theme that resonated with us:

1. The correlation between improved communication and better patient outcomes;

2 - The relationship between advanced technology reducing staff workload and increasing staff satisfaction;

3 - The influence of personalized and relevant information delivery - like preferred language and communication channel - drastically improves patient satisfaction.

Patient Communication Trend: Conversational Texting is a "Must Have"

In today's fast-paced world, patients expect quick and personalized communication from their healthcare providers. Gone are the days when phone calls and emails were the primary modes of communication. Don't even get us started on Spam Calls and Junk Emails. We understand why SMS is now the preferred communication channel and has the highest open rate.

If you are not using HIPAA-compliant conversational texting in your communication strategy - you will be left behind. It is no longer a "nice to have" but a "must have" tool for enhancing patient engagement and satisfaction.

Computer graphic that shows Dialog Health Advanced Texting Features for Healthcare Communication

But wait... do not settle for basic texting, make sure your texting platform is two-way, automated, Tier-1, HIPAA-compliant, delivery reports, multi-language and knows healthcare! We can't tell you how many of our contact centers have switched to Dialog Health when their basic texting was not cutting it. Check out our blog post here on Top Features to Look for in the Best Healthcare Texting Software. Or contact us today to learn more.

Patient Satisfaction: Meeting Higher Patient Expectations

Image of 3 people texting - Dialog Health's healthcare's leading SMS software

Patients today demand instant and personalized communication. They expect their healthcare providers to be as accessible and responsive as any other service they use daily. This expectation has set a new standard for patient communication, making it crucial for healthcare contact centers to adopt technologies that can meet these demands. Automated and personalized texting not only meets these expectations but exceeds them by providing a seamless, efficient, and patient-centric communication channel.

Real-time updates, reminders, and responses to their queries, all from the convenience of their mobile devices - yes, please!

Healthcare IT Requirements - Integration Friendly Technology

Computer Graphic showing sample of integrations with Dialog Health including Epic, HST, Meditech, Cerner

One of the key challenges in adopting new technology is ensuring it integrates seamlessly with existing systems. Healthcare providers need solutions that can easily fit into their current workflows without causing disruptions.

Dialog Health's conversational texting software can integrate with electronic health records (EHRs), appointment scheduling systems, and other critical platforms. Our platform was built to not only integrate but enhance the technology you are already using today. This integration significantly streamlines workflows, reduces administrative burdens, and delivers a proven return on investment (ROI). We also have IT&S contracts already set-up for many health-systems across the U.S. and can't moving quickly. Let's get started today.

Future Outlook: Health Systems are Embracing Technological Advancements

Computer graphic of Dialog Health's analytics pro - SMS delivery reports, history and actionable SMS

The rapid pace of technological advancements shows no signs of slowing down. For healthcare contact centers, staying ahead means adopting and integrating technologies that enhance patient communication, reduce staff workload and scale with your needs. Dialog Health's automated conversational texting is a prime example of such technology.

And, by leveraging our AnalyticsPro module you will receive unparalleled analytics and reporting capabilities for your communication. Our SMS analytics console will not only provide with delivery reports, historical SMS but will empower you with real-time, actionable insights, enabling you to make informed and decisive communication choices. Taking your engagement to the next level!

Better Patient Communication: Practical Benefits of Conversational Texting in Healthcare

Improved Patient Communication

Conversational texting offers a direct and efficient communication channel between patients and healthcare providers. Patients can easily ask questions, request information, and receive timely updates, leading to better engagement and satisfaction.

Image of woman texting - Dialog Health's two-way texting platform improves patient communication, engagement and satisfaction.

Enhanced Staff Efficiency

Automating routine communication tasks through conversational texting frees up staff time, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks. This not only improves productivity but also reduces burnout and improves job satisfaction among staff.

Image of Ebook Cover - Dialog Health - How to boost staff engagement, satisfaction and retention

Want to learn more? We have an entire eBook on this topic as it such a pain point for Healthcare.

Boost Staff Engagement, Satisfaction, and Retention - This ebook explores proven strategies to enhance employee communication, connectivity, and satisfaction with our texting platform!

Increased ROI for Contact Centers

The 2024 Contact Center Survey results led by Healthcare Call Center Times and Greystone highlighted the top outbound services handled by healthcare call centers. The top 10 listed included referral management, rescheduling, post-appointment follow-ups, appointment reminder calls, NPO calls and patient surveys.

By reducing the need for manual intervention and streamlining communication processes, healthcare contact centers can operate more efficiently and effectively, ultimately boosting their ROI. Our contact centers are implementing conversational texting which is lead to significant increase in inbound calls, response rates and cost savings.

Graphic chart of Healthcare Contact Call Center Survey - Top Outbound Call Services

Summary of Insights on Contact Centers Improving Patient Communication

Healthcare is an ever changing landscape. With increasing patient demands and advancing technology, it is crucial for better patient engagement to implement automated conversational texting solutions. For more than a decade, our company has been at the forefront of offering healthcare texting software to Fortune 500 health systems. We are committed to developing solutions tailored to address the challenges faced by the healthcare industry. Embracing these innovations can enhance patient interaction, streamline staff productivity, and lead to improved operational outcomes for healthcare contact center providers.

Want to chat with other Contact Centers using our healthcare communication platform? Contact us today.

Bonus: Winning Nike Kicks
Picture of HCCT Dialog Health Nike Sneakers giveaway - Congrats

Attending conferences like HCCT24 is not only about gaining insights but also about enjoying the experience. Winning Nike Kicks was a fun and exciting part of the event, adding a touch of enjoyment to the valuable learning and networking opportunities.

Follow-us on LinkedIN for exciting content, industry trends, valuable healthcare insights and maybe a chance to win DH kicks. 

Until the Next HCCT Conference

Let's continue to innovate and improve the way we communicate with patients, ensuring a better, more efficient healthcare experience for all.💚


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