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A Must-Have Healthcare Text Messaging Feature: Multiple Languages

Did you know that nearly 68 million people in the United States speak a language other than English at home? That figure from 2019, representing almost 1 in 5 people in the United States, is up more near 45 million from 1980.

These statistics, provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, point to a vital need for businesses: the ability to communicate with customers in multiple languages. This need is even more important for healthcare organizations, where communication with patients and caregivers can greatly affect and even determine treatment success and outcomes. Research has shown that language barriers are associated with lower quality of healthcare and poorer health outcomes, while patient dissatisfaction and adverse events have been shown to be more prevalent among limited English proficiency patients than English-speaking patients.

That's why it is imperative for healthcare organizations to use a text messaging solution which offers the ability to communicate in multiple languages. And that's why we've added a language feature in Dialog Health that allows users to easily select from an extensive list of languages across various character sets for the two-way text messages they send to patients, staff, caregivers, and others.

What does the ability to use Dialog Health to communicate in multiple languages look like? Here are just a few examples of messages that could be sent in different languages along with their English translations:


Saludos en nombre de ACME! Nuestros registros muestran que debe renovar la cobertura de los beneficios del OHP. Renuevelo en Si ya lo ha renovado, no tenga en cuenta esta informacion. Si necesita ayuda, llame a los asistentes OHP de Benefits Co. al 877.666.1132. Escriba STOP para cancelar. Escriba HELP para pedir ayuda.

English: Hi from ACME! Our records show you are due to renew coverage for OHP benefits. Renew at If you have already renewed, please disregard! If you need help, call the OHP Assisters from Benefits Co. at 877.666.1132. Text STOP to opt out. Text HELP for help


Balantaada oo maliinta Jan 15 oo bilamneeysa 8:00 AM. Fadlan ka-soo hormar 15 daqiiqo xiliga balantaada. MAP:

English: Your appointment starts on Jan 15 at 8:00 AM. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time. MAP:


Thov tiv tauj MainStreet Health, lawv mam teem ib lub sij hawm los yog ntau lub sij hawm rau koj tuaj ntsib peb. Hu rau: 877-666-1132.

English: Please contact MainStreet Health, they will schedule an appointment or several appointments for you to visit us Call: 877-666-1132.

Multiple Languages: One of the Key Features of a Top Healthcare Texting Solution

If your healthcare organization is looking to add conversational text messaging or upgrade your solution, you will want to look for a platform that includes the ability to choose and communicate in multiple languages, including all languages spoken by your patient community. But that's just one of many features you should expect if you want to add the best healthcare texting software. Learn about other these other essential features, all of which are included in the Dialog Health platform, then schedule a demo to see them firsthand!



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