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Why is Dialog Health preferred by Healthcare organizations?

If you're looking for the right text messaging solution for your organization, we can confidently say your search is over. Dialog Health is an industry-leading, HIPAA-compliant, two-way conversational texting software that helps organizations like yours achieve significant improvements in patient and staff communications and engagement.

Our solutions are relied upon by providers big and small, including ASCs, hospitals, physician practices, management and development companies, and Fortune 500 companies.


With Dialog Health, healthcare organizations are improving revenue, patient volume, productivity, portal usage, and positive online reviews while decreasing no-shows, readmissions, phone calls, and other manual labor. 

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Choosing the Best Healthcare Texting Solution:
Look for These Features

As text messaging has overtaken the likes of phone calls, emails, and letters as the preferred method of communication for a majority of Americans, healthcare providers have increasingly added texting solutions as means to better reach and successfully engage with patients and their caregivers, staff, and other stakeholders. One case study after another demonstrates the ability of texting to improve financial, clinical, and operational performance.

But the ability to maximize the benefits of text messaging will largely depend upon the texting solution — and the company supporting it. Text messaging technologies vary greatly and in areas that include capabilities, compliance, security, simplicity and user-friendliness, customization, and reporting.

Qualities of the Best Healthcare Communications Solution

If your organization is considering adding a healthcare SMS texting solution or is looking to upgrade its existing text messaging platform, you'll want to look for a technology with the features identified below. These features, on their own and when combined with one another, can deliver significant enterprise-wide improvements that strengthen the bottom line, enhance quality of care, boost satisfaction, and much more.

Varios devices - desktop - laptop - ceular telephone

Texting software designed for healthcare and trusted by leading organizations and operators

Healthcare is unlike any other industry. Organizations should look for a text messaging platform that's been designed for healthcare providers by healthcare experts who understand the patient journey and the critical communication points along the way. The vendor should be able to provide case studies showing how healthcare organization clients have successfully used the texting solution to improve performance.

Secure and reliable: HIPAA, SSAE, TCPA, and CTIA compliant

Considering the significant rules governing protected health information, coupled with the rise of cyberattacks, healthcare organizations cannot run the risk of using a texting solution that's not able to protect sensitive data. Look for a platform that adheres to the latest HIPAA, SSAE, TCPA, and CTIA standards.

In addition, look for a healthcare texting solution that's going to best ensure your messages reach the people they need to reach. Given the FCC's efforts to crack down on spam texting, you'll want to work with a texting company that understands the FCC's rules and designs its technology to comply with these regulations. In other words, find a healthcare text messaging solution and company you can trust and rely on.

Tier 1 connectivity to provide reliable SMS service across all mobile carriers


A quality you will want to look for in a healthcare SMS texting solution that will increase reliability is tier 1 carrier connectivity. This is essential for achieving the best-in-class ability to send and receive SMS texts across all mobile providers.

Two-way texting function: a must for response and engagement in healthcare


Many texting solutions only enable providers to send a message, not receive one. Unfortunately, this capability limits the ability for healthcare providers to take full advantage of the power of conversational text messaging — i.e., two-way texting. With two-way texting, providers can engage with recipients and request responses to messages. This functionality is essential for many use cases such as verifying patient appointments, answering preoperative questions, post-appointment follow-up communications, conducting patient and staff surveys, and payment reminders and questions. The best healthcare text messaging solutions come standard with two-way texting.

Cloud-based text messaging: requires no app and minimal IT while working across the enterprise


Software is increasingly moving to the cloud, and with good reason: Cloud-based technology can provide significant benefits over on-premise software, including improved security, streamlined updates and upgrades, and ease of scaling. A cloud-based platform allows a healthcare organization to apply two-way texting across the enterprise, effortlessly adding and integrating text messaging into more departments and expanding usage of texting as the organization grows and evolves.

Texting platform that integrates with existing systems and is easy to use


One of the biggest benefits of using text messaging is that it makes communication with patients, staff, and others fast and efficient, thus reducing workloads and reliance on slow, expensive manual outreach tasks. At least that's what a healthcare texting solution should do. Look for a healthcare SMS platform that can successfully integrate with existing systems to better ensure consistent flow of information,  including an easy-to-use console that allows you manage text campaigns in a straightforward, clear, and understandable manner. If a solution isn't intuitive, you're not as likely to use it as much as you could and should.

Text messaging should be the backbone for healthcare communications. An easy-to-use solution makes this possible.

Texting solutions that grow with your needs, from basic simple SMS to more advanced text campaigns

From Simple Basic features to Advanced to WorkflowsDIALOG HEALTH TOP RATED TEXTING SOFTWAR
From Simple Basic features to Advanced to WorkflowsDIALOG HEALTH TOP RATED TEXTING SOFTWAR

Another benefit of an easy-to-use platform is it can be employed for simple text messaging to a user base, but also turned to for more advanced, multi-layered campaigns and workflows. The right healthcare texting solution will enable you to do what you want to do with relative ease. And if you have questions about how to execute a campaign, the best healthcare text messaging companies have the personnel available to help you achieve your goals.

One platform with multiple texting solutions that works seamlessly across your healthcare organization and the patient journey

Look for a text messaging platform with numerous solutions you can use to accomplish your communication and engagement objectives. Just a few examples of solutions you'll want to look for: mobile keyword sign-up, custom subscriber fields, on-screen delivery receipts, extended character length, ability to export data whenever you choose, inclusion of a second mobile number (e.g., family member, caregiver), and custom workflow campaigns.

Flexibility of automated SMS delivery, from live, to advance days, to trigger, to calendar, and more

From Simple Basic features to Advanced to WorkflowsDIALOG HEALTH TOP RATED TEXTING SOFTWAR

The best healthcare texting solutions enable you to send real-time and pre-scheduled messages, with some pre-scheduled text messages automatically going out because of trigger events. This can include messages being sent to patients a certain number of days in advance of or following an appointment and messages going out to staff a defined number of days prior to the start and end of open enrollment.

The right texting platform gives you many options of reaching your patients and staff with the right message at the right time.

Added value features including drip campaigns, a series of automated text messages

Advanced features tAdvanced Features Drip Campaigns DIALOG HEALTH TOP RATED TEXTING SOFTWA

A platform that enables two-way texting should also come standard with another valuable feature: drip messaging. With healthcare drip texting, an organization can set up their text messaging platform to trigger a series of automated messages sent at intervals when users take specific actions, such as post-operative and oncology follow-up engagement.

Smart targeting feature for relevant groups, from 1:1, to subgroups, to mass texts

Smart Targeting Groups Advanced Features Drip Campaigns DIALOG HEALTH TOP RATED TEXTING SO

The healthcare SMS platform you choose should give your staff the ability to easily send a text directly to an individual in real time or send a group broadcast to reach hundreds of people — or more! — in just minutes. A two-way healthcare texting solution takes this functionality to another level, empowering staff to engage with and gather information from message recipients.

Easily customize and personalize your automated texts through category subscriber lists

Smart Targeting Groups Advanced Features Drip Campaigns DIALOG HEALTH TOP RATED TEXTING SO

The people you send messages to and the types of messages you send will vary. There are messages to new patients and possibly past patients (for recall programs). There are messages to new staff (e.g., for onboarding) and all staff. There may be texts meant just for your leadership. There may be patient text messages specific to a department and/or service. There may be department-specific texts for staff. The list goes on. The best healthcare texting platforms give you the ability to group/categorize subscriber lists, easily sort your contact lists, and personalize your messages accordingly in the ways that work best for your specific needs.

Healthcare texting platform proficient with SMS hyperlinks to web portals, maps, videos, surveys, payment systems, and more

Smart Targeting Groups Advanced Features Drip Campaigns DIALOG HEALTH TOP RATED TEXTING SO

While texting is an amazing technology, sometimes you will want to share a little more information than you can in a message. That's where the ability to include web links in your text messages can make all the difference. The healthcare texting platform you choose should come standard with the ability to include hyperlinks that steer recipients to additional resources and information, such as those for patient education and compliance, maps, videos, surveys, payment portals, and much more.

Immediate delivery reports with interactive text links and insightful, auto-generated analytics

Advanced analytics interactive deliverability report DIALOG HEALTH TOP RATED TEXTING SOFTW

How do you know if your text messages are reaching your subscribers and getting the engagement you expect? Look to analytics and reporting. The texting solution you use should come standard with analytics and live reporting, giving you the ability to auto-generate reports showing which patients/staff received your text and took any intended action associated with its message, which patients/staff received the text and did not take any action, and which patients never received the text.

With this information and insight, you can make intelligent decisions on what message actions to take next, which will ultimately reduce time spent on manual outreach, help you connect with patients/staff in the communication manner preferred, and enhance productivity.

Expertise on guiding, securing, and accessing custom short codes


If you've ever received a text message from a five- or six-digit number, that's a "short code." Short codes are an important texting tool that serves multiple purposes. Some of the biggest benefits of short codes are they're easier to remember than a 10-digit number and allow users of texting to run a wider variety of personalized campaigns.

A leading healthcare texting company will be able to guide you on when it's best to use short codes and then help you secure the short codes that will only be used by your healthcare organization.

Even More Benefits of Choosing the Best Healthcare Text Messaging Platform

The benefits of investing in the best healthcare text messaging solution and company don't end there. The right HIPAA-compliant platform will enable you to send text messages in multiple languages, view on-screen delivery receipts, transmit multi-text messages, use emojis, more easily identify mobile numbers, and more. And the right healthcare texting company will support you in your usage of their platform, providing onboarding and training, easy-to-reach customer service, troubleshooting and upgrades, a knowledge base, resources that provide best practices, recommendations for improving and growing your usage of texting, and more here as well.

What the Best Healthcare Text Messaging Solution Can Do

When you add a top healthcare texting platform, you gain the ability to improve patient and staff communication and engagement throughout your enterprise. Below are just some of the ways you can benefit from utilizing a HIPAA-compliant text messaging solution that includes two-way texting capability.

Top two-way texting use-cases for healthcare for patient and employee engagement












Pre-appointment patient texting (from appointment confirmations, to reminders, to pre check-in form links)

  • Reduce cancellations, no-shows, and no-go's

  • Improve appointment preparation compliance

  • Streamline completion of pre-screening questionnaires

  • Set patients up for telehealth success

  • Keep patients informed of changes to policies and procedures

Appointment-related texting (from appointment instructions, to maps, to telehealth links)

  • Grow patient volume and revenue

  • Coordinate transportation and support with loved ones and caretakers

  • Further migrate away from paper-driven processes

  • Initial telehealth appointments

Post-appointment patient texting (from post-op follow-up, to satisfaction surveys, to referral SMS)

  • Decrease post-discharge follow-up calls

  • Reduce readmission rates and associated penalties

  • Strengthen compliance with discharge instructions

  • Conduct patient satisfaction surveys

  • Grow your number of online reviews and boost your online reputation

  • Coordinate scheduling of follow-up appointments

Revenue cycle management texting (from insurance texts to payment portal links)

Staff communication (from schedule updates, to employee surveys, to staff morale SMS)

  • Improve emergency preparedness and response

  • Fill schedule openings

  • Announce company initiatives

  • Coordinate open enrollment and provide education on insurance

  • Conduct surveys

  • Strengthen staff morale

Dialog Health: Top-Rated Healthcare Texting Solution

The Dialog Health healthcare two-way text messaging platform is used by a growing number of leading organizations and operators nationwide. Texting with Dialog Health is a proven way to engage patients, grow the bottom line, improve outcomes, boost staff productivity, and strengthen workflows, among many other benefits. With text messaging the preferred communication method for most Americans, healthcare organizations are evaluating how they can best incorporate and leverage texting. Doing so requires choosing the right healthcare text messaging platform, and that often leads organizations to Dialog Health.

Dialog Health Top rated texting platform improves patient and employee engagement_edited.j

To learn more about how our partner organizations are using the Dialog Health healthcare two-way text messaging platform throughout their enterprise, download this free eBook. You can also contact Dialog Health directly — email, call (877) 666-1132, or fill out this form — to discuss your communication and engagement needs and how using our platform will help you meet and exceed them.

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Some of the largest and most respected Hospitals, Urgent Cares, Ambulatory Service Centers, HR Departments, Insurance Providers, Call Centers, and more trust our platform.

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