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7 Ways Texting Can Be a Healthcare Business Game Changer

On the fence about whether a two-way texting platform such as Dialog Health is right for your healthcare organization? Here are just seven of the ways our clients benefit from leveraging text messaging.

1. Increased revenue. Two-way texting has been demonstrated to reduce late cancellations, no-shows and no-gos (i.e., cancellation of procedures on the day of surgery/treatment due to patient non-compliance) as well as improve gaps in care communication (i.e., patient recall).

2. Improve staff workflow and expenses. Texts reduce the number of voicemails left, redundant calls and overall time spent on the phone and cut the cost of other communication methods (e.g., mailers, flyers). Many facilities using Dialog Health report receiving an 80%-plus response rate from patients when texted. This result is even more impressive when considering that facilities were leaving voicemails for upwards of 80% of patients for standard communication points, such as post-op check-ins and appointment confirmations. Voicemails are often ignored or receive responses many hours, if not days, after they are left for patients.

3. Documentation of engagement. Organizations are required to track all communication "touches" between staff members and patients. Texting is essentially a built-in paper trail. For example, Dialog Health documents which staff member was logged in to the platform and sent a live text or ad-hoc broadcast. Such information is automatically stored in the patient record.

4. Increased utilization and open rates of digital assets. Texting is an efficient means of steering people to digital assets, including pre- and postoperative instructions, educational videos, payment portals, directions to facilities and pre-registration portals for the completion of medical and/or medication histories.

5. Reputation management. Facilities report improved patient satisfaction from using Dialog Health's texting platform. The platform offers a patient navigation experience where patients who require additional care can quickly self-identify to receive the help they need while satisfied patients are steered online to share their experiences. In reviews, patients highlight their appreciation for appointment reminders, ease of communication, support prior to and following a visit and other benefits associated with two-way texting.

6. Risk adjustment. Texting provides staff with an effective way of identifying and acting upon non-compliant responses from patients, such as those who require a follow-up call to discuss a matter or reschedule an appointment. Since the response rate to texting is so high and response speed is so fast, facilities not only complete more visits and reduce no-shows, but they can quickly identify open appointment slots to be filled, further optimizing the schedule.

7. Enhanced satisfaction. Organizations looking to improve their operations and patient satisfaction scores in the process can leverage a platform like Dialog Health to solicit feedback from patients and do so in a manner that is likely to achieve a higher engagement rate than other outreach methods.

Check out our Case Studies to read more about how Dialog Health helps clients achieve these and other improvements.



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