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One Platform | Multiple Texting Solutions

Texting is the most widely used form of communication today. Knowing how to use texting in your communication mix is critical for the best ROI. Dialog Health's two-way texting platform has multiple best-practice texting solutions that get results. Here are just a few examples.

Reduce No-shows with Automated & Customizable Appointment Confirmation Texts

Improve Compliance with NPO Instruction Texts

* Reduce Phone Calls with Post Appointment Follow-up Texts

Increase Portal Usage with Text including links to Portals and Websites

Decrease AR Balance with Payment Reminder Texts

Get 4 & 5 star Ratings with link to On-line Reviews

Reach Thousands in Minutes with Group / Mass Broadcast Text Messages

Improve Enrollment with Open Enrollment Text Messages and Links

Immediate Response with Direct / Live Text Messaging

Get Higher Response Rate to your Surveys with Survey Text Messages

Change Languages for your Audience with Customizable Text Messaging

See other popular use cases and the results our clients are getting using Dialog Health's Two-way Texting Platform One platform with multiple solutions.



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