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Nearly half of calls we receive this year will be spam!

CNN covered the study by First Orion who referenced a Federal Communications Commission report February 2019. The Atlantic article "Why No One Answers Their Phone Anymore", May 2018, reports the increased amount of spam calls in our lives. In a recent presentation I talked about how Paul S Romer, the 2018 Nobel Prize winner in Economics, ignored two incoming phone calls from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to let him know he was the winner. He said, “I didn’t answer either, because I thought it was a spam call.” This is a great example of important calls getting unanswered. The trend is only going to get worse.

What can you do? Try two-way texting. Text messaging is the most widely used and fastest growing channel of communication today. Dialog Health provides an easy-to-use two-way text messaging solution for today's world. #new #texting #twowaytexting #healthcarecommunication #employeecommunication



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