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How Texting Helps Manage Surge in Outbound Call Volume

With the coronavirus and its variants driving increases in infections, healthcare providers nationwide are being forced to manage a rise in outbound phone calls to patients and caregivers. Some providers have diverted staff and resources to completing these calls. But other organizations have turned to text messaging to help reduce the need for significant operational changes while making management of calls more efficient and effective.

Here are a few ways Dialog Health is helping clients better manage the growing amount of phone calls staff would typically need to make every day.

1. Decrease multiple types of calls

Learn five types of phone calls organizations are drastically reducing with texts.

2. Provide mass test results

Within the first 60 days of implementing Dialog Health's texting solution, an urgent care provider was able to eliminate 75,000 phone calls informing patients of their negative COVID-19 test results. Read the case study here.

3. Reduce readmissions

Using two-way text messaging, one hospital saved many staff hours by decreasing phone calls to patients. Perhaps more significant is that the hospital was able to achieve a more than 80% reduction in readmissions in just 90 days.

Interested in using our two-way texting to drastically reduce phone calls and improve staff and patient satisfaction? To schedule a free demo of Dialog Health's HIPAA-compliant, two-way text messaging platform, please call or text our President Brandon Daniell at (615) 429-4252.



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