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How Texting is Helping Providers Manage Surge in Outbound Call Volume

As the Delta variant of the coronavirus has driven an increase in infections nationwide, many healthcare providers have found themselves trying to manage a significant uptick in outbound phone calls to patients and caregivers. This has caused these organizations to divert staff and resources to making and documenting these calls.

But for those healthcare providers using two-way text messaging, such as through the Dialog Health platform, the number of these calls that staff must complete and document have been cut dramatically — in some instances by more than 70%.

Here are five types of phone calls organizations are drastically reducing with texts:

  • Calls to patients before appointments to inquire about possible COVID-19 symptoms

  • Calls to patients to educate them about revised safety procedures

  • Calls to patient escorts if they are not permitted to wait in the facility

  • Calls to patients following appointments to learn if they have since developed symptoms of COVID-19

  • Calls to patients with COVID-19 test results

The key takeaway: At a time when healthcare providers are under significant strain due to the Delta variant, texting is helping to decrease staff phone calls and improve productivity.

Dialog Health's two-way texting platform is HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based, and easy to use. Contact us to learn more.



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