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Dialog Health Releases New Functionality at HR Tech Conference

FRANKLIN, Tenn., October 27, 2020 – Dialog Health, a two-way texting platform that enables information to be pushed to and pulled from staff, patients, and caregivers, announces the availability of new functionality for its platform. These features will be first showcased at Human Resource Executive's HR Technology Conference & Exposition, where Dialog Health is exhibiting.

The company is releasing a new, multi-select filter for automated texting campaigns. This feature can be used to support communications and education concerning open enrollment, onboarding new employees, health and wellness offerings, and other initiatives. Examples of filter options include employment status (e.g., full-time, part-time), preferred language, types of insurance held, and name of plan provider.

Dialog Health is also releasing a new reporting feature that provides enhanced list management capability. This permits a user to see who received and did not receive a text, who responded to and did not respond to a text, and how recipients responded, all on a single screen.

"We are always pursuing ways to improve our platform and enhance its value for clients," said Brandon Daniell, president and co-founder of Dialog Health. "These new features will help organizations better leverage two-way text messaging to drive employee and patient engagement. We are pleased to launch these new features in conjunction with the HR Technology Conference. The human resources professionals who will be attending these terrific meeting are facing significant challenges this open enrollment season as we continue to confront the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe our new features will further help HR professionals overcome challenges by allowing them to communicate quickly, efficiently, and in a contactless manner with their staff."

In addition to open enrollment, HR departments are using Dialog Health two-way texting to increase the engagement rate of administrative announcements, compliance communications, and incident response and emergency announcements.

"Texting has taken on an even greater role and importance for keeping employees informed during the health crisis," Daniell says. "It is the most effective way to communicate timely, critical information. Organizations using two-way text messaging are finding their efforts more streamlined and successful. In a mobile-led world where employee engagement has become an essential strategy, text messaging is a necessity."

Organizations interested in learning more about the new features and the value of two-way text messaging should visit Dialog Health, email, or call (877) 666-1132.

About Dialog Health

Dialog Health is a U.S.-based company that provides a two-way texting platform to organizations which they can leverage as a communication and engagement channel. Two-way texting is a convenient, fast, effective, and affordable communication resource for stakeholder engagement. For more information, visit, call (877) 666-1132 and follow Dialog Health on LinkedIn.

Media Contact: Brandon Daniell 615-429-4252



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