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Brandon Daniell Writes About Leveraging Texting for GI Recall Programs

Brandon Daniell, president and co-founder of Dialog Health, explains why gastroenterology (GI) practices and their affiliated ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) should use text messaging to drive their recall programs in a new column for Becker's ASC Review.

In "10 reasons text reminders can be a GI recall program game-changer," Daniell examines the importance of developing an effective and efficient recall program, reviews the shortcomings of using mailed letters and phone calls, and identifies many of the benefits that come from leveraging texting and text reminders.

Access Daniell's column on using text reminders for GI recall.

Becker's ASC Review, part of the Becker's Healthcare family of publications, features general business, legal and clinical guidance on topics relevant to outpatient surgery, including joint-ventures, development and expansion, and regulatory and compliance issues.



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