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Brandon Daniell Shares Emergency Communication Lessons in Becker's Hospital Review

Brandon Daniell, president and co-founder of Dialog Health, identifies emergency communications lessons hospitals have learned from the pandemic that can improve their emergency communication plan and preparedness in a new Becker's Hospital Review column.

As he writes, "The experiences thus far of hospitals working to manage the health crisis have taught us a great deal about what must happen if hospitals and health systems want to put themselves in the best position to respond effectively to the challenges of the fall, winter, and beyond."

The column discusses the following lessons:

  • Address vulnerabilities due to reduction of in-person communication

  • Attend to emergency communication weaknesses

  • Never assume an emergency message is received

  • Prepare for before, during, and after the emergency

  • Don't overlook the value of staff support

As Daniell notes, "Communication is one of the most important aspects of emergency preparedness and business continuity. When a hospital or health system can communicate effectively and in a timely manner about what staff, patients, and vendors must do in response to rapidly changing developments, execution of an emergency plan becomes easier and more successful."

Access the Becker's Hospital Review column here.



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