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Brandon Daniell Discusses ASC Use of Texting to Improve Online Reputation

Brandon Daniell, president and co-founder of Dialog Health, shares ways that ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) can leverage text messaging to improve their online reputation and Net Promoter Score in a new Becker's ASC Review column.

In "5 great ways to use texting to improve your ASC's online reputation," Daniell highlights the results of a recent data analysis showing the effectiveness of ASCs using texting to conduct patient satisfaction surveys and then discuss how texting can be used to:

  • Provide links to online review websites

  • Ask for testimonials

  • Share satisfaction survey results

  • Respond to patient concerns

As Daniell notes, "Texting is the most effective way to quickly identify a happy or dissatisfied patient. It also delivers an improved ability for ASCs to act on this information quickly by sending a link for a favorable review or reaching out by phone to help make things right."

Access his column in Becker's ASC Review.



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