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Not All Healthcare Texting Solutions Are the Same: 5 Must-Have Features

If you work in healthcare, you understand the challenges with patient engagement. Dialog Health started from a cry for help from healthcare professionals, so the platform has been designed specifically with healthcare needs in mind. It is now a leading provider of two-way texting solutions and used by healthcare organizations nationwide to improve engagement of patients and staff.

Here are five of the features that have helped make Dialog Health an industry leader that helps healthcare providers improve patient engagement and achieve a strong return on their investment in the platform.

1. Lives and Breathes Healthcare

We understand the patient's journey and critical communication points along the way, from pre-visit through patient care and finally through post-visit. Dialog Health leverages proven communication best practices to help you deliver the right message at the right time throughout the journey.

2. Cloud-Based Platform

Dialog Health has always been a cloud-based platform. This not only supports ease of use but also allows the platform to effortlessly scale and grow with a healthcare provider's business and communication needs.

3. Two-Way Text Messages

Dialog Health's platform uses powerful, two-way texting technology that embraces the conversational nature of text messaging. Whether by receiving a response from an automated campaign, accepting an inquiry text, engaging in one-to-one direct chat, or more, this two-way texting feature enhances conversations by actively engaging with patients. Better engagement means your organization receives more of the information and responses you're looking for that can help improve care quality, compliance with instructions, collections, and other critical goals.

4. Compliance With Key Standards

From hosting and storage to processing and transmission to opt-in/opt-out management, the Dialog Health platform adheres to the latest HIPAA, TCPA, CTIA, and SSAE standards. This makes us a mobile messaging solution you can trust with sensitive patient information and other data.

5. Tier 1 Connectivity

Dialog Health's Tier 1 carrier connectivity status better ensures a best-in-class ability to send and receive SMS across all mobile providers, all while improving quality performance, speed, and reliability. Tier 1 connectivity also allows the Dialog Health platform to provide delivery results for each text message sent on your computer screen.

The Better Way to Communicate With Patients

Like what you're reading? Dialog Health has even more to offer. Schedule a complimentary demo of Dialog Health today to see firsthand why we've become a leading provider of texting solutions for the healthcare industry.



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