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10 Experts on the Value and Benefits of Texting

At Dialog Health, we're passionate about texting. We've seen the tremendous value texting — specifically two-way texting — can provide to healthcare organizations and other businesses that adopt a solution such as ours.

But we're not the only ones who sing the praises of text messaging. In fact, numerous healthcare and communication experts throughout the country have gone on the record to do just that.

Here are quotes from 10 such experts about texting.

1. Dr. Clement Bottino, Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School: "Most of my paid clinical time is spent rushing through 15-minute visits and slogging through electronic paperwork. With texting, the rush disappears. Patients can text me when they want and there are no boxes to tick. I can answer questions, put worried parents' minds at ease and prevent unnecessary ER visits. It feels invigorating, the opposite of burnout." via WBUR

2. Bryan Yarbrough, Ardent Health Services: "Texting has proven to be a highly efficient, fast, and cost-effective way to streamline much of our emergency department discharge communications and reduce staff workload without sacrificing care quality. By adding text messaging, we can communicate with patients in a manner many of them prefer, which also helps improve satisfaction and engagement. Texting also allowing us to achieve other improvements, such as increasing adherence with primary care follow-up appointments and collections." via PRNewswire

3. Clare Lingel, Cedars-Sinai: "When we think about how we interact with technology today, texting is a really beautiful method. One of the first things that we talked about was how on any given day any of us might have over 100 emails waiting for our attention. But there's no time in a given day where you have 100 texts sitting there." via PatientEngagementHIT

4. Erica Spatz, Yale Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation: "Text messaging is a promising strategy to reach patients outside of the office. Most people have a cell phone, and with patients' permission, text messaging can be used to support specific health goals. We don't have to crunch all of healthcare into 20-minute visit slots." via YaleNews

5. Dr. Tammy Chang, University of Michigan Medical School and Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation: "We found that texting is not only acceptable and feasible but is the preferred method of collecting real time information from low-income community members. Most importantly, texting may offer an efficient, inexpensive way to give a voice to people who aren't often heard and whose needs aren't always met." via mHealthIntelligence

6. Dr. David Finitsis, Hartford Healthcare Cancer Institute: "… texting might make it easier and more cost-effective for physicians and their staffs to check in — to stay in touch — to offer encouragement to people who may feel isolated because of their medical conditions and who are having a tough time coping." via UConn Today

7. Lynn Gibson, CHRISTUS Health: "Mobile devices have become ubiquitous in all walks of society, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Clinicians increasingly take advantage of secure text messaging technology to improve communication with each other and their patients." via HealthTech

8. Eric Topol, Scripps Research Institute: "Most people respect getting texts, that is, it's high on their priority list of things to do." via The Washington Post

9. Doug Brown, Black Book Market Research: "Stakeholders across the healthcare industry are in the quest of finding solutions to use comprehensive real-time data and connectivity cleverly to advance patient safety, productivity and profitability. Organizations are adopting secure text messaging platforms because texts are convenient, as well." via Healthcare IT News

10. Dmitry Dragilev, "Text messages are fast, effective and friendly, and your smartphone is optimized to receive them. In being 'optimized,' we’re suggesting how easy it is to receive a message without opening it up. It will rest on a locked phone screen. Unlike emails, texts will give you an audible notification after arriving. A business text message, believe it or not, has a 98% rate." via Entrepreneur

Want to learn how two-way texting can help you achieve organization-wide improvements? Schedule a demo of the Dialog Health platform today!



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