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Update on COVID-19 Texting Communication and Support for Clients

So much has transpired over a short amount of time. How we connect with each other and conduct day-to-day business looks very differently than just a week ago. Our priority here at Dialog Health is to ensure our teams and clients are not only safe but can communicate critical, timely information to those who need it. We are prepared to get through this together.

In the past two weeks, Dialog Health has increased its support resources to help our clients deliver the crucial, ever-changing COVID-19 communications to their patients, employees, caregivers and vendor partners.

We have fast-tracked setup and training for our Mass Text Alerts service. We have also provided text messaging best practices and education concerning FCC guidelines and exceptions for emergency texting communications.

Here are how our clients are using the Dialog Health texting platform to communicate updates about COVID-19:

1. Emergency/Mass Text Alerts: Our cloud-based platform allows clients to create and quickly send out mass text messages. While our system is self-service and easy to use, our support team is helping those who require training, assistance with sending messages or help going live with the platform.

2. Virtual Connection via Text Messaging Links: Our clients are making sure their employees, patients and caregivers are receiving the necessary access to virtual meetings, video conferences, web chats and more via links embedded in text messages. Clients know that by texting links, they will have a better open rate and engagement than if the links were emailed. For first-time users of this solution, we are helping with setup, messaging and inserting links.

3. Business Continuity in Uncertain Times: Our most-used solution — two-way texting appointment reminders — is helping our clients postpone, reschedule or confirm and keep thousands of appointments in minutes. Our platform allows users to automate and schedule text messages based on their specific criteria, whether they need to reschedule all upcoming surgeries or inform staff that they cannot enter the building. The system allows clients to send text messages to the right group of people at the right time. Our support team is helping with any resources needed to send campaigns.

Finally, we have an Emergency Preparedness via Text Messaging service operational and ready for use. While we hope our clients never need it, we are grateful during times like these that we are ready and able to help.

We will get through this together. We just need to stay compassionate, connected and safe.


Brandon and Sean

Brandon Daniell

Co-founder, Dialog Health

Sean Roy

Co-Founder, Dialog Health



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