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Improve Patient Engagment with Two-Way Texting.

Interview with ASC Focus magazine. Reprinted with the permission from Ambulatory Surgery Center Association.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Association Magazine features Dialog Health Two-way Texting Platform
ASC FOCUS - February 2019 Issue - Technology Issue

Advantages of replacing voice mails with electronic, automated text messaging.

Here is a summary of the article:

Texting is a cost-effective, convenient and reliable communication channel that is preferred by patients, so it should be an essential part of an ASC's communication options.

1. Two-way texting is fast convenient and expected.

2. Two-way texting can decrease phone calls and increase response rates.

3. Texting can reduce no-shows and improve compliance.

4. Two-way texting can increase website and portal usage.

5. Texting can help patients engage with their PHI.

Two-way texting drastically reduced our post-op calls. "We realized that most everyone that was coming into our facility had a mobile phone with them. So, we decided to ask the patient for their mobile number and to text them the day after their procedure to see if they needed a call from our nurse." Konnie Dao of Amsurg Corporation. The results were immediate and impressive with more than an 87 percent response rate.

Download full article from About US section.



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