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Top 4 Reasons Call Centers Rely on Dialog Health's Texting Solutions

Call centers supporting healthcare organizations use Dialog Health texting solutions every day to help them improve patient contact rates, strengthen patient engagement, and reduce costs. Let's take a closer look at four top reasons call centers nationwide are choosing Dialog Health — and why your call center should consider doing so as well.

1. Generate Inbound Phone Calls

For their initial communication with patients, call centers are sending texts to recipients asking them to call a phone number provided in the text message. We like to look at this as: "Dialog Health makes your phones ring." It is much easier, cheaper, and more efficient to answer an inbound call than to make an outbound call. As a business, call centers will always answer the phone whereas when an agent calls a patient, this becomes a game of "hope" — as in, "I hope the person answers the call. I hope I can leave a voicemail if they do not answer. I hope they listen to the voicemail. I hope I do not need to call again." That's a lot of hoping, and unfortunately a lot of hoping that fails.

Here are a few examples of ways call centers are generating inbound calls:

  • Appointment scheduling reminders

  • Revenue cycle management (e.g., outstanding balance, discussion about payment options)

  • Recalls (e.g., annual physicals/wellness visits, mammograms, colonoscopies)

  • Post-appointment engagement (e.g., follow-up care, satisfaction surveys)

  • Referrals

2. Enhance Communication Strategies

Call centers can create and automate texting campaigns to supplement existing communication outreach efforts. By using text messaging to check in with patients about an appointment or following treatment, share directions to a facility, provide information on a treating physician, deliver educational resources, and a host of other ways, call centers can make patients feel like they are receiving "white-glove" services.

3. Analyze Contact Success

Dialog Health's robust and real-time AnalyticsPRO module allows agents to quickly determine who needs to be contacted further (i.e., did not receive an initial text), why they need to be contacted, and how they should be contacted next (i.e., text or phone call).

4. Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs

When making phone calls, call center agents can only communicate with one customer at a time and usually for a few if not several minutes per call. With the Dialog Health texting solution, agents can simultaneously manage multiple conversations. The result: dramatically streamlined workflows, improved efficiencies, and many, many more patients engaged in a day.

Dialog Health: The Leader in Call Center Text Messaging

Call center operators and agents love texting with Dialog Health. See why by filling out this form. You'll receive a demo of the Dialog Health solutions and have your questions about texting answered by one of our call center experts.



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