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The Value of a Mass Communication Plan for Medical Practices

When a medical practice experiences an emergency or crisis, it needs the ability to reach multiple people quickly and efficiently. That's the importance of a mass communication plan. A practice also needs to know if the messages it sends reach their intended audiences and have confidence that the messages are likely to be read in a timely manner. That points to the importance of using text messaging during an emergency and or crisis.

In Dialog Health President Brandon Daniell's new Physicians Practice column, titled "Why medical practices need a mass communication plan," he identifies when practices are most likely to need to execute a mass communication plan and then discusses why it's best that text messaging serves as the backbone for the communication plan.

As he states, "The unmatched engagement effectiveness, ease of sending messages, and ability to monitor outreach success, paired with low setup and outreach costs, make text messaging the strongest communication option for interacting with recipients. This is especially true when a message is urgent, and a practice wants to best ensure that the communication is read and acted upon quickly."



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