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New eBook: Texting to Improve Employee Communication & Engagement

Dialog Health has published a complimentary eBook sharing best practices for employers looking to use text messaging to improve employee communication and engagement.

Employers must ensure critical and often time-sensitive messages are going out to and reaching large groups of staff, some of whom may be working remotely full or part time. That's why more businesses are adding texting as a communication channel.

To help organizations maximize the benefits of text messaging, our new eBook provides 7 best practices for leveraging text messaging and a texting solution to achieve better employee engagement, communication, education, and satisfaction. The resource shares recommendations for when organizations should use texting — including for open enrollment, emergency alerts, surveys, and emotional support — and tips for helping ensure text messages achieve their intended results.

The introduction to the eBook summarizes why companies are increasingly leaning upon text messaging as their primary means of communication with staff: "When employers want to better ensure that a message reaches their employees — regardless of where they work — they turn to text messaging. Texting is the communication channel that allows businesses to quickly, reliably, and successfully communicate with their employees. It's the method of communication most likely to reach, be read, and engaged with by employees. It's also fast, convenient, and reduces the workload of HR (human resources) professionals and other staff tasked with staff communication."

The free eBook is now available for download.

Organizations interested in adding text messaging should visit email, call (877) 666-1132, or fill out this form.



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