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New eBook: Texting to Drive Enterprise-Wide Healthcare Communication

Dialog Health has published a complimentary eBook exploring the ways text messaging is being leveraged by healthcare organizations to improve patient and staff communication and engagement throughout their enterprises.

With texting, organizations are strengthening care quality, revenue, satisfaction, and compliance, and achieving improvements in many other areas.

The eBook's content is organized by stage in the patient journey, which is broken down as follows:

  • Pre-appointment

  • Appointment

  • Post-appointment

  • Billing

The resource also includes a chapter on staff communication, which is essential to supporting successful communication throughout these patient-focused stages.

As is noted in the eBook, "Text messaging is a proven method for engaging patients, enhancing outcomes, improving staff productivity and strengthening workflow, among other benefits. As text messaging has become the preferred communication method for a growing number of Americans, healthcare organizations should evaluate how they can incorporate two-way text messaging as a communication platform across the organization."

The free eBook is now available for download.

Organizations interested in adding text messaging should visit email, call (877) 666-1132, or fill out this form.



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