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National ASC Operator Uses Dialog Health for Revenue Cycle Management

Dialog Health announces the publication of a new client success story highlighting how its HIPAA-compliant, conversational two-way text messaging platform is helping a national ambulatory surgery center (ASC) operator achieve significant improvements in several aspects of its revenue cycle management, including increasing revenue and decreasing staff workload.

The ASC operator chose Dialog Health and leveraged the company's Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Solution to improve its patient financial communication and collections.

From November 2021–October 2022, the ASC operator's surgery centers, using Dialog Health's RCM Solution, achieved the following:

  • Decreased year-over-year accounts receivable by 21%

  • 54% of patients paid off their balance in full after receiving just one or two text reminders

  • Substantial return on investment in the Dialog Health Revenue Cycle Management Solution

  • Significant increase in patient usage of online payment portals

  • Better overall patient payment experience

  • Decrease in staff hours associated with manual patient outreach and communication, collections, and data entry

  • 96% of patients remained opted-in to the Dialog Health two-way text messaging

The Dialog Health RCM Solution has streamlined and improved collections for the national ASC operator's surgery centers and reduced staff labor associated with securing patient payments. For patients, Dialog Health has made communication about payments less intrusive while making it simpler to submit payments via portal or phone.

To access the ASC revenue cycle management case study, click here. Organizations interested in adding two-way text messaging for patient communications should contact Dialog Health, email, or call (877) 666-1132.



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