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Let's talk about TEXT Nashville. See you at ASCA!

I always enjoy hosting clients and guests in Nashville. I used to joke that the city is amazing, now that we have indoor plumbing. :)

Now I just suggest where they should go for food, drinks, and quality entertainment. Suggesting a music venue for someone to visit in Nashville is like having to pick the child you love the most. My suggestion is walk up and down Broadway between the Cumberland River and 4th Ave, and let the music draw you into an establishment. If you happen to go to Robert’s Western World - you can thank me later. For a drink, any place that has live music will also be serving up libations, but if you are really keen on seeking out the perfect cocktail, make your way to The Patterson House Now when it comes to food in Nashville, start with the list on Eater. Two of my personal favorites are Rolf & Daughters and Henrietta Red. Of course, Nashville Hot Chicken is a must for many people. And if you need any suggestions while you are in town, feel free to text me on 615 429 4252



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