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Brandon Daniell Shares COVID-19 Patient Messages for Surgery Centers

As ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) begin to gradually reopen and resume operations, they will need to engage and effectively communicate with patients about a wide range of issues.

In a new Becker's ASC Review column, titled "Reopening patient communications under COVID-19: 8 messages for ASCs," Brandon Daniell, president and co-founder of Dialog Health, shares examples of text messages ASCs should send to patients during this period.

The messages — which are based upon actual texts sent by Dialog Health ASC clients — speak to matters such as rescheduling delayed procedures, scheduling backlogged surgeries, new safety protocols, changes to visitor rules, and patient collections. Daniell also explains why texting is the most efficient and effective platform for such communications.

Access Daniell's column on COVID-19 ASC patient communications.

Becker's ASC Review, part of the Becker's Healthcare family of publications, features general business, legal and clinical guidance on topics relevant to outpatient surgery, including joint-ventures, development and expansion, and regulatory and compliance issues.



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