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Brandon Daniell on Texting's Value for the Business of Healthcare

Looking to improve your healthcare organization's revenue and decrease costs? All it may take is a text message.

In Dialog Health President Brandon Daniell's new Medical Economics column, he discusses eight ways text messaging can help healthcare organizations improve patient retention and boost revenue.

In "Why text messaging is good for the business of healthcare," Daniell discusses the following topics:

  • Increasing patient volume

  • Supporting telehealth programs

  • Reduce cancellations, no-shows, and no-goes

  • Boost collections

  • Verification of coverage and benefits

  • Improve online reputation

  • Avoid readmission penalties

  • Staffing optimization and productivity

The examples highlighted in Daniell's column represent just a few of the ways text messaging is helping organizations strengthen their financial performance. As he concludes, "Organizations that add texting may quickly find that it's the clinical, operational, and financial tool they didn't know they had been missing."

Access Daniell's column in Medical Economics.



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