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Brandon Daniell Discusses Crisis Communications Strategies for Practices

Brandon Daniell, president and co-founder of Dialog Health, identifies common challenges associated with medical practice crisis communications and shares solutions in a new Physicians Practice column.

In "Crisis communications: Solutions for 5 top challenges," Daniell discusses the following challenges:

  • Reduced in-person communication

  • Communication weaknesses

  • Emergency messages that fail to reach recipients

  • Emergency response during and after a crisis

  • Overlooking staff mental health

Daniell also provides guidance to help practices identify their specific communication challenges.

As he concludes, "Hopefully, what you have learned and continue to learn during this pandemic — and the solutions that you implement as a result — will allow your practice to improve its crisis communication and response plan in ways that will help get you through the winter, spring, and beyond."

Access Daniell's column on emergency communications challenges.



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