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As States Lift Mask Mandates, Providers Use Texting to Remind Patients About Safety Requirements

Within just minutes after the governors of Texas and Mississippi announced they were lifting their states' mask mandates, several of our healthcare provider clients reached out to us asking for urgent assistance.

Their request: add a text message to preop campaigns to remind patients of the requirements for entering their facilities and how these requirements contrast with the newly issued mandates.

The text message now going out from the Dialog Health texting platform to patients in these states essentially reads as follows: "The health and wellbeing of our patients and staff remain our top priority. While the statewide mask mandate has been lifted, our commitment to your safety remains steadfast and we will continue to require patients and family members to wear masks at our facilities per CDC recommendations and guidelines."

Sending such a message helps these facilities in at least three ways:

  1. It communicates clearly to patients the rules for the facility, irrespective of state rules.

  2. It acknowledges the mandate and explains why the facility is not following it. This can help reduce the need for discussions with patients who arrive at the facility unmasked and those who question why the mandate is not being followed.

  3. It saves staff from making additional phone calls to explain how rules differ and why.

As mandates are lifted and revised nationwide, communicating how facility rules differ from state rules will be imperative to patient and staff safety and satisfaction. Reach out to Dialog Health and we'll help ensure your facility is prepared to leverage texting to communicate efficiently and effective about masking rule changes and other timely developments with its patients.



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