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Anesthesia Provider Uses Dialog Health Texting to Improve Patient Engagement and Staff Productivity

Dialog Health announces the publication of a new client success story highlighting how its two-way text messaging platform is helping an anesthesia provider achieve noteworthy improvements in several aspects of its operations, including patient engagement and staff workload.

The Dialog Health platform was selected by Ambulatory Management Solutions (AMS), a national management services organization that supports providers of mobile anesthesia services. AMS then had Chicago-based Mobile Anesthesiologists deploy the platform in July 2020.

Mobile Anesthesiologists has since used two-way text messaging for a wide range of patient outreach activities in areas such as preadmission documentation, patient transportation, COVID-19 screenings, compliance reminders, and surveys. The success story shares the impressive results Mobile Anesthesiologists achieved in its Chicago market over a five-month period in 2021, including the following:

  • 97% of patients opted into text messaging

  • 225% increase in completed pre-appointment documentation (i.e., patient history) via Mobile Anesthesiologists' web portal

  • 76% of post-operative surveys completed via text messaging

  • 99% improved Net Promoter Score

  • 66% of patient satisfaction surveys completed via text messaging

  • 74% of COVID screenings completed via text messaging

Thanks to texting with Dialog Health, Mobile Anesthesiologists has substantially strengthened patient engagement while greatly reducing the staff time and costs associated with manual patient outreach and communications.

"I'm 1,000% satisfied with Dialog Health," said Tina Mentz, chief operating officer of AMS, who identified the opportunity for Mobile Anesthesiologists to benefit from adding text messaging as a communication mechanism. "The platform is easy to use. We are engaging with and helping our patients through their whole journey. We quickly identify which patients actually need a phone call. The Dialog Health team responds promptly to our questions. Our experience with Dialog Health has greatly exceeded expectations."

Brandon Daniell, president and co-founder of Dialog Health, praised AMS and Mobile Anesthesiologists for how they are using texting. "Text messaging has the potential to transform the way organizations communicate and engage with patients, and we're seeing this firsthand with AMS and Mobile Anesthesiologists. They have effectively leveraged texting to improve outcomes and the patient experience while also contributing to better staff productivity and satisfaction. We are pleased our platform is greatly helping these terrific professionals and look forward to exploring how texting can continue to support the efforts of AMS and Mobile Anesthesiologists to meet and exceed their goals."



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