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Improving outcomes for patients, staff and clients through mobile engagement.


We connect the computers you already own with the mobile phones people already have. Two-way texting communication for your business….made easy. Text reminder service

"Can you help us Text our patients the night before surgery to remind them not to eat or drink after midnight? The train wreck that occurs every day at our hospital because someone shows up having forgotten this has got to stop."  

Chief of Staff - Hospital


Dialog Health started with a cry for help from a healthcare professional and snowballed into an industry-leading solution that transformed how healthcare industry communicates with its patients.


The chief of staff of a large hospital with over 40 operating rooms called and invited us to lunch to learn more about mobile technology. When he showed up to the restaurant in his scrubs, he asked a question before he even sat down… 


“Can you help us text our patients the night before surgery to remind them not to eat or drink after midnight? The train wreck that occurs every day at our having forgotten this has got to stop.”


He then went on to say that the lightbulb went off in his head about just how vital texting was as a communication channel when he was administering a pelvic exam and heard the tick, tick, tick of his patient texting during the procedure. As mobile technology and consumer engagement experts, we knew we could build a HIPAA-compliant texting solution that would drastically improve outcomes for our healthcare clients and their patients. We designed an enterprise-grade, two-way texting communication solution that would engage with his patients on the device they had with them every day, all the time. The mobile phone.


Since this meeting, Dialog Health, has helped hundreds and hundreds of facilities that have improved their communication with their patients while improving compliance, reducing costs, enhancing workflow and outcomes.  


Dialog Health not only continues to be an industry leader in healthcare texting solutions but our powerful two-way texting platform is also helping the Human Resources, Call Centers, Education and many more industries improve their communication.







Dialog Health’s text messaging platform is transforming patient and employee communication. Our team are experts in technology innovation and consumer engagement in the most widely used channel of communication today… your mobile phone.



A powerful mix of Health Care, Mobile Technology, Innovation

and Consumer Engagement expertise.

George E. Stevens


Has more than thirty years strategic healthcare leadership and experience in medical delivery system development and management; working with some of the leading US Healthcare organizations including: Aetna, FHP (now United Healthcare), North American Medical Management, Scripps Clinic, Catholic Healthcare West, Surgis, US Radiosurgery.

Brandon Daniell

President, Co-Founder


Has more than 15 years of business and program development experience in healthcare; working with some of the leading employers, physicians, payors, and hospital systems including GTE (now Verizon), BCBS of TN, and Hospital Corporation of America.

Sean Roy

Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder


Has almost 20 years in technology space with the past 15 years helping companies incorporate mobile into their technology and communication efforts. In addition to his extensive experience in developing and launching mobile marketing solutions, Sean is an active and respected member of the mobile community. Sean has provided mobile solutions for Vodaphone, Twitter, Facebook and Sky TV.

Bob Isherwood



- Is the former Worldwide Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi working on consumer engagement experience with Toyota, Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and Novartis. Bob has also created health programs for the developing world on behalf of The United Nations.

Angela Hoegerl

Director of Client Succes


- Has more than 10 years’ experience with project management and implementation support for major hospital and health systems. Angela delivers best-in-class client implementation processes and practices that ensure the client’s initial and long-term experience is exceptional.