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Revolutionizing Healthcare Communication: Key Takeaways from RISE National 2024

dialog health at rise national 2024 tradeshow

From engaging discussions to meaningful connections, RISE National 2024 was an unparalleled gathering of healthcare professionals dedicated to advancing the industry. Our team was thrilled to participate in this exceptional event, seizing the opportunity to share our innovative work within the healthcare community. As we reflected on our experience, it became evident that communication platforms like texting play a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare, bridging the communication gap between healthcare providers and members, and facilitating seamless interaction to enhance patient care. 

Key learnings from RISE National 2024: 

Addressing Challenges: Healthcare Communication Gaps Between Providers and Members


Throughout the event, we heard consistent concerns about communication breakdowns between providers and members, leading to increased workload and frustration. We shared insights on how our clients strategically leverage conversational texting to tackle these challenges, resulting in significant improvements in engagement and communication effectiveness. 

5 Ways Texting Improves Outcomes by Closing the Communication Gap Between Healthcare Providers and Members:

1. Unparalleled Reach Rate: Connect Directly with Members on the First Try  

With Dialog Health, clients are achieving an unmatched delivery rate of over 90% for their text messages—exceeding the effectiveness of traditional communication methods. Through AnalyticsPRO, users gain insight into both expected and actual delivery rates, empowering them to pinpoint and resolve any issues impeding message reception. Embrace clarity; by utilizing texting, you guarantee direct communication with your members, eliminating the uncertainties associated with phone calls, emails, and voicemails. 

2. Optimizing Member Journeys: Enhancing Communication Touch Points for Greater Engagement

Texting streamlines communication throughout the member’s journey by providing timely updates and reminders at pivotal touch points like appointment scheduling, pre-procedure instructions, and post-visit follow-ups. This facilitates seamless interaction between providers and members, ensuring efficient and effective conveyance of vital information, and ultimately enhancing overall patient experience and satisfaction.

3. Overcoming Language Barriers for Seamless Communication

With our two-way texting platform's multi-language capabilities, sending messages in the member's preferred language becomes seamless. This ensures fluid communication across diverse patient demographics, removing language obstacles that could hinder essential healthcare communication. 

Texting with Multilanguage Spanish

4. Appointment Prep Texting for Clear Expectations and Essential Information

Texting aids in managing member expectations by delivering clear and concise information about what to expect before, during, and after medical procedures or appointments. Providers can send pre-appointment instructions, including fasting requirements or preparation steps, as well as post-visit follow-up instructions such as home care guidelines or potential side effects to monitor. 

5. Maximizing Care Continuity: Post-Appointment Medication and Follow-Up Communication

two-way texting offers a convenient platform for medication reminders and follow-up communication, helping members stay informed and compliant with their treatment plans. Providers can use texting to send dosage reminders, refill notifications, and follow-up appointment reminders, fostering better medication adherence and continuity of care. 

Harnessing HIPAA-Compliant Texting: A Game-Changer in Healthcare Communication

As we navigated through RISE National 2024, conversations about AI in healthcare filled every corner. Despite the buzz, a prevailing sense of confusion lingered. Sean, Dialog Health’s Co-Founder, couldn't help but overhear two healthcare leaders expressing frustration, noting the abundance of AI discussions without practical solutions. Amidst the complexity of AI implementations, texting emerges as a simple yet powerful tool to enhance patient engagement, streamline communication, and improve member outcomes. Engaging with attendees, Sean highlighted texting's transformative role in healthcare, offering a concrete solution amid the AI chatter. Its proven effectiveness in boosting healthcare communication is evident. 

"We're actively exploring AI tools to enhance conversations and experiences for both members and healthcare providers. We are excited to see how these innovations can play an important role in empowering engagement and improving outcomes." 

- Sean Roy, Dialog Health Co-Founder and General Manager

Celebrating Connection: Dialog Health’s Nike Sneakers Giveaway

At Dialog Health, we believe in fostering connections and celebrating our vibrant community. This is why we were thrilled to organize a Nike Sneakers giveaway at RISE National 2024. Our Dialog Health Nike Sneakers have garnered popularity among participants, clients, and staff alike. A big congratulations to the fortunate winner of our raffle! We extend our gratitude to everyone who joined in; your passion adds an extra layer of significance to events like these, making them unforgettable. 

Dialog Health Green Nike Shoes

RISE National 2024 ignited meaningful conversations, shedding light on the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare innovation. While AI was the “buzzword”, our experience emphasized the significance of practical solutions that deliver tangible results. As we look back on our time at the conference, we're reminded of the profound impact of fostering connections and leveraging transformative technologies like texting. These tools not only shape the future of healthcare but also bridge communication gaps between providers and members, paving the way for improved collaboration and patient care.

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