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Tale of a Fail: Not Using the Best Texting Solution

This might be surprising to hear from a text messaging company, but sometimes NO texting solution is better than the wrong one.

Case in point: A Dialog Health employee had a medical test scheduled last week that their physician had booked over a month ago. This employee signed up for the practice's texting service to receive a reminder text and other updates for the appointment.

No appointment reminder text ever came.

When the employee arrived for the appointment, they were asked if they had anything to eat or drink in the previous 6 hours.

They had just eaten lunch … because they had never received communication about not eating or drinking.

The test had to be cancelled and rescheduled.

This test had three technicians scheduled for an hour. We don't even want to know how much this no-go cost the facility.

The Dialog Health employee drove 35 minutes to the facility.

It was the definition of a lose-lose for the facility and patient, all because of poor communication.

This employee asked who the facility used as a texting vendor and was not surprised to learn it was a "marketing texting platform" known for their outbound marketing …

… but NOT patient communication.

If someone signs up for texting for their appointment, they are expecting to receive text messages about their appointment.

Don't disappoint your patients. It not only hurts satisfaction but costs your facility time and money.



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