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I cursed at my phone today. Damn Spammers!

After the sixth call from spammers I may have cursed at my phone. My last blog post shared CNN's article "Nearly half the calls we receive this year will be spam!" Unfortunately, I get to experience this every day. Most people I know do not answer "unknown caller" calls but in my position, I must answer all my calls...even the unknown. Which is catch-22 as answering my phone makes me get even more spam calls...even being on the "don't not call" list. My fury and disgust at these spammers is two-fold...first for taking advantage of people (there's a special place in hell for spammers) second, when people stop answering their phones they can miss very important information such as "Friendly reminder to NOT eat or drink after midnight tonight for your surgery tomorrow." That's a pretty important message. These spammers did me a favor today. They reminded me of the great work we are doing at Dialog Health...helping Healthcare get their important messages to their patients via Text (98% open rate). So, I am channeling all my fury at these spammers and continuing to get the word out about Two-way Texting. I’m fighting the good fight. Spammers be damned.

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Brandon Daniell, Dialog Health and the importance of two-way texting



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