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Dialog Health Partners With BetterHealthcare to Improve the Patient Experience

We are excited to share the news of our new partnership with BetterHealthcare. The press release announcing the partnership is provided below.

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BetterHealthcare Partners with Dialog Health to Revolutionize Self-Scheduling and the Patient Experience

Strategic partnership leverages technology to increase healthcare provider's productivity, cut costs, and improve patient experience.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2022 / BetterHealthcare, a technology company powered by its interoperable BetterAccess platform, today announced a partnership with Dialog Health, a two-way texting platform for healthcare organizations, to offer a turnkey self-scheduling and patient engagement system for healthcare organizations and clinics. This combined solution allows clinics to improve their efficiency and grow profitability by optimizing operational workflows. It also enables clinics to ensure qualified patient appointments and provides a seamless, enhanced patient experience throughout the entire patient journey.

The strategic partnership leverages technology as a business asset to increase productivity, cut costs, and improve patient, clinician, and staff satisfaction. Hospitals using two-way text messaging have found that it eliminates most follow-up phone calls to patients while freeing up hundreds of staff hours, enhancing productivity.

“Getting someone to book an appointment is great, but if you don’t engage them along the journey, then you’re missing an opportunity to improve productivity and increase revenue,” says Brandon Daniell, president and co-founder of Dialog Health. “By bringing together the technology from both companies, we are empowering patients to initiate their journey and then engaging them, making the delivery of care simpler and more efficient for everyone.”

The Dialog Health system is a conversational, two-way communication tool that enables providers to notify, educate, and support patients while steering them toward a richer, more engaged online scheduling experience. Dialog Health clients achieve text messaging reach rates of up to 97%. “The speed, convenience, and ubiquity of texting are helping healthcare providers increase patient participation and engagement in their care, which is contributing to better outcomes and financial performance,” says Daniell.

Clinics are increasingly relying on texting for patient and staff communications. Phone calls require substantial staff time and resources but deliver poor results because of the tendency for patients to ignore calls from unfamiliar numbers. Email communications have become less dependable due to the proliferation of spam and the sheer volume of emails.

In addition, many healthcare systems are looking to increase their appointment volume with a robust alternative to the static webform. BetterHealthcare’s BetterAccess platform connects patients to the right provider at the right time with a truly configurable online scheduling solution that adapts to their business with appointment types and qualifying questions specific to their organization and providers.

“Combining BetterAccess and Dialog Health addresses a missing piece in healthcare,” says Greg Peters, CEO of BetterHealthcare. "Consumers are already familiar using text messaging and scheduling appointments on their own, outside of healthcare. Through our partnership, we’re bringing this to healthcare.”

“Text messaging engages — it creates consideration and intent — and now you’re given the transaction piece with our BetterAccess platform,” says Peters. “This is an exciting opportunity to bring two great technology platforms together with one solution that unlocks so much value for the entire healthcare ecosystem.”

About Dialog Health

Dialog Health provides a two-way texting platform to organizations that they can leverage as a communication and engagement channel. Two-way texting is a convenient, fast, effective, and affordable communication resource for stakeholder engagement. For more information, visit, call (877) 666-1132, and follow Dialog Health on LinkedIn.

About BetterHealthcare

BetterHealthcare is a technology company, delivering adaptable, scalable technology solutions with actionable data that powers health operations and accelerates business growth. From enterprise healthcare systems to providers across service lines, organizations are using BetterHealthcare to drive revenue and growth through appointment volume. With an interoperable, HIPAA-compliant platform and EHR compatibility, the BetterAccess platform connects patients with the right provider at the right time. To learn more or schedule a demo, visit Be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.



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