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Brandon Daniell Discusses Texting for GI Patient Recall in EndoEconomics

Brandon Daniell, president and co-founder of Dialog Health, discusses how gastroenterology (GI) practices and ambulatory surgery centers can use two-way text messaging to improve the performance of patient recall programs for EndoEconomics.

In his column "Electronic Engagement: GI centers should leverage technology to improve patient recall," Daniell shares what makes texting such an effective communication platform for GI. He also includes insight from TJ Berdzik, senior financial analyst and manager of financial analytics at Physicians Endoscopy (PE), the publisher of EndoEconomics. Berdzik discusses how some PE facilities have effectively used texting for GI pre-procedure communications.

As Daniell concludes, "Two-way texting is a communication resource that can be an immediate asset to any GI facility. By embracing the convenience, speed and ubiquity of two-way texting, GI practices and surgery centers can increase patient engagement, which is a benefit to patients, staff, gastroenterologists and the healthcare system as a whole."

Access the Daniell's column in EndoEconomics by clicking here. Download a PDF of the column here.

EndoEconomics is a journal focused on issues faced by the GI medical community.



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