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Free Human Resources eBook: Texting to Improve Employee Engagement in a COVID-19 World

Dialog Health has published a complimentary eBook for human resources professionals that shares best practices for using text messaging for employee engagement, communication, education, and satisfaction as organizations work to navigate the uncertainty caused by the health crisis.

Best practices covered in the eBook cover the following valuable uses for human resources departments:

  1. Emergency Alerts: Support your business resiliency program by ensuring an emergency communication channel

  2. Mass/Group Alerts: Plans to resume business operations and changes to policies and procedures

  3. Survey Alerts: Check-in with your staff with a question that requires a response

  4. Health Plan, Provider, and Benefits Information: Health insurance FAQs and increase engagement during enrollment

  5. Links to Telehealth Providers and Information: To provide safe healthcare for employees

  6. Language Preference: For texting in preferred language

  7. COVID-19 Updates and Resources: Keeping staff abreast of the most significant developments

  8. Emotional Support : Staff morale

As is noted in the eBook, "This is a time when the value and effectiveness of text messaging really shines. Throughout the nation, organizations are reopening offices, changing office procedures, updating remote work policies, and needing to share constantly changing information. For those organizations that leverage text messaging, resuming operations will prove more streamlined and successful."

The free eBook is available for download by clicking here. You can also access it below.

Organizations interested in adding text messaging should visit email, call (877) 666-1132, or fill out this form.



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