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Brandon Daniell Writes About Mass Communication for Becker's ASC Review

Brandon Daniell, president and co-founder of Dialog Health, discusses the importance of a mass communication plan for ambulatory surgery center (ASC) emergency preparedness and business continuity in a new column for Becker's ASC Review

In "5 Reasons Your ASC Needs a Mass Communication Plan," Daniell reviews the critical importance of developing a mass communication plan in preparation for an emergency or crisis and then identifies five instances when such a communication plan would be executed.

He concludes the column with an explanation and analysis of why text messaging should be the mass communication method ASCs rely upon during an emergency, stating, "ASCs should consider how texting can help strengthen the communication component of their emergency preparedness and business continuity plan. Two-way texting is ubiquitous, effective and very efficient. The time to deploy texting is well before it is needed."

Access Daniell's column on ASC mass communication.

Becker's ASC Review, part of the Becker's Healthcare family of publications, features general business, legal and clinical guidance on topics relevant to outpatient surgery, including joint-ventures, development and expansion, and regulatory and compliance issues.



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