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Brandon Daniell Discusses Texting to Enhance Hospital Staff Engagement

Brandon Daniell, president and co-founder of Dialog Health, explains how hospitals and health systems can use text messaging to improve employee engagement, communication, education, and satisfaction as they work to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic in a new column for Becker's Hospital Review.

In "8 ways for hospitals to use text messaging for employee engagement," Daniell discusses how hospitals are leveraging texting to their staff to help make the gradual transition back to more typical operations streamlined and successful. Ways highlighted in the piece include mass announcements, surveys, details on insurance benefits, and ongoing COVID-19 updates.

As he concludes in the column, "As text messaging has become the preferred communication method for a growing number of Americans, hospitals and health system should evaluate how they can incorporate two-way text messaging as a communication platform or further expand its existing use during this transitional period."



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