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Brandon Daniell Discusses Texting for Employee Engagement on HRchat Podcast

Brandon Daniell, president and co-founder of Dialog Health, is the featured guest on a new episode of HRchat, a global podcast that covers significant issues concerning human resources, leadership, talent, diversity and inclusion, recruitment, employee engagement, performance, and company culture.

In Daniell's episode, titled "How SMS Can Grow Employee Engagement," he speaks with host Bill Banham about a wide range of topics, including the value of text messaging for human resources departments to support employee engagement and program rollout efforts. Other topics covered include Dialog Health's two-way texting platform OPEN that making improving engagement easy, the effectiveness and greater acceptance of text messaging as a communication channel, and the role texting can play in helping combat "Zoom fatigue."

You can listen to the episode below or on the HRchat podcast website. Launched in 2016, HRchat is produced by The HR Gazette, which publishes perspectives on topics connected with human resources and improving the ways people we work.



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