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Do I need to invest in new computers or hardware?


Dialog Health is a cloud-based solution, which only requires an Internet connection. Your Organization’s existing computers, laptops and tablets may be used to run the system.

Which staff use it?


The typical users of the system are dependent on the type of facility and the intended use case. Examples would be appointment schedulers, care coordinators, pre-op nurses, post-acute care coordinators, call center employees, administrative staff and HR.

Do you support content development?


Yes, through our services we can provide content across all media or adapt yours for the mobile channel.

How do we integrate?


We make it easy to integrate your patient or member data into the Dialog Health console. We can accept your data in many formats, such as CSV, HL7, or XML. Dialog Health consistently and securely keeps our system up-to-date with the information in your EMR or PPM system. 



From hosting and storage through processing and transmission our solution adheres to the latest SSAE and HIPAA standards. Dialog Health protects your data and that of your clients. Redundancy and back-ups also ensure you can trust the ongoing availability of our system and access to your information.

Can I send messages in multiple languages?


Yes, the system can send messages in any language that uses the Roman alphabet. 

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