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How the New FCC Texting Rules Impact Call Centers

Recent rules concerning scam text messaging issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) may have a substantial impact on the methods of communication used by businesses and the success of those communications in reaching and engaging customers.

In his latest Call Center Times column, "New FCC Rules Further Enhance Value of Text Messaging for Call Centers," Dialog Health Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer Brandon Daniell summarizes the FCC's rules and explains why they're great news for businesses like call centers using or planning to use texting. He then shares four of the most significant reasons and ways call centers are currently leveraging text messaging.

As Daniell states, "Text messaging has been proven to be a simple, yet highly effective and efficient means of engaging and communicating with customers. The FCC's rules should only help to solidify texting as an integral — if not central — component of any call center's communications."

Access Daniell's column in Call Center Times.



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